Classic Layers of Beauty Garrard 301/401 plinth


The classic Layers of Beauty Garrard 301 and 401 plinth with hardwood top layer and exposed birch ply end grain bottom section.

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Lead time 4-5 weeks

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This classic Layers of beauty plinth has a hardwood top section and layered birch ply bottom section. These plinths are expertly finished in a clear gloss lacquer for high durability and low maintenance.

laminated from layers of high quality birch ply to create a high mass plinth to control vibrations and resonance.

The hardwood colour choice refers to the top layer only, the bottom section is plain exposed birch ply on all version.

The  301 plinth is fitted with metric threaded inserts making fitting of the deck easy, just screw down from the top. M6 stainless screws of the correct type are also supplied. If you wish to use your original 1/4" BSF screws then please let me know when placing your order.

The 401 plinth is supplied with extra long mounting bolts.

IEC mains connector is fitted as standard. Must be wired to your deck by a competent electrician.

Please note- feet are not included with this plinth, if you have particular requirements for fitting your feet then please contact me.

Dimensions are-

Width- 565mm depth- 465mm height- ~108mm.

The Ebony and Cocobolo options both use thicker sawn veneers and are a premium option.


Arm boards-

Available with oval removable arm board arrangement to accept 9" and 12" arms, complete with 3x arm boards. This enables you to mount a variety of different arms without modification to the main plinth. Even if you only intend to mount one particular arm; the simple 2 screw fitment of the arm board makes it much easier to remove the arm for service or transportation. I can cut your arm boards for most arms, please let me know note when purchasing if this is required.

 if the arm board is not chosen i can cut the arm hole in the plinth as required, the plinth will have a clearance hole underneath and a hole in the rear for the arm cable to exit.

Arm boards for garrard plinth
Recessed deck

Recessed deck-

Having the deck recessed into the plinth has two advantages- one being the beautiful sleek appearance, making the deck look less bulky. the perfect fit around the deck gives it that extra edge and look and feel of quality that these Garrard decks deserve.

The second advantage is lowing the deck means your arm can be lower in its mounting base, giving more room for adjustment and a much firmer mount.

Piano lacquer-

The Piano lacquer finish is a premium finish giving a ultra high gloss finish almost like glass.

This finish is a 3 part finish beginning with a barrier coat, then a high build polyester to fill all the grain, then a hard wearing uv resistant final coating, and a lot of sanding between each! The final coat is flatted with wet and dry paper and then polished to a high gloss. The whole process take over 1 week to complete which should be added to any lead times stated.

Piano lacquer

Turntable not included.

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Classic Layers of Beauty Garrard 301/401 plinth

Classic Layers of Beauty Garrard 301/401 plinth

The classic Layers of Beauty Garrard 301 and 401 plinth with hardwood top layer and exposed birch ply end grain bottom section.

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